Alaska Black Bear Hunting

Alaska Coastal Black Bear Hunting Whether you are hunting aboard an Ocean Going Vessel in Prince William Sound or hunting in Icy Bay for huge Black Bear boars you are hunting with Alaska Hunting Specialists who pride themselves in taking big trophy Black Bear for their clients. Guided Big Game Trophy Hunts are also offered in other game rich areas throughout Alaska for Moose, Brown Bear, Dall Sheep, Mountain Goats, Caribou, Grizzly Bear, Wolves, and Wolverine. Wildlife Viewing and Adventure Photography is awesome on our Kayaking & Sightseeing Tours and Vacations. Outfitted Hunts for all Alaska Big Game Animals are offered from Anchorage to the Coastal Waters of Prince William Sound, 'The Lost Coast" near Yakutat, the Alaskan Peninsula, and the Alaska Mountain Range and offered by Licensed Professional Guides...

Alaska Black Bear Hunting Cruise our site to learn more about our Professionally guided Alaska Black Bear Hunting Programs...

Have you ever dreamed about going back in time and visiting the world as it was when it was first created? A world full of primeval landscapes and beautiful vistas that give the feeling of being almost surreal! High mountains with jagged peaks that seem to drop right into the Sea ...

Living Your Alaska Trophy Hunting Dreams
At Alaska Black Bear Hunt we share your dreams of the ultimate Black Bear Hunt in Alaska, and of gaining a lifetime of memories in the process.

Your Alaska Black Bear Hunts with us will be guided by a knowledgeable and professional, licensed Alaska guide. But more than that, your dream will be shared by people who understand exactly what you expect from your Alaska Black Bear Hunting Trips, and help you capture the thrill of the hunt for a safe and productive experience.

Alaska Black Bear Hunt Outfitters Blaze The Trail
Led by Master Guide Vern Humble, an accomplished trophy hunter with international hunting experience and a true love and appreciation of nature and the outdoors, and with decades of success in the field to back him, the Alaska black bear hunting experiences that we offer are a cut above.

We offer you success in the field to the greatest extent possible by making sure that you go prepared—both for safety's sake, but also for the sake of your personal enjoyment. Vern and our team of Alaska black bear hunting guides will educate in you in anything and everything you want and need to know, and get you out into the heart of Alaska black bear country—the only place to be for the real Alaska black bear hunting experience!

Be Prepared
Be prepared—it's the age-old motto of a time-honored institution and also of each and every one of our Alaska black bear hunting trips. We want you to be prepared for the thrills and challenges of the trip, for success, and for the hunt of a lifetime! Our work as Alaska Black Bear Hunting Guides and as Alaska black bear hunting outfitters allows us to do that. We make sure you go prepared with everything you need, prepared for everything you will experience.

Our work as your Alaska black bear hunt specialist works well before your trip even begins. We have worked here to build this site as a comprehensive resource that will provide you with everything you need to know, from booking information for Alaska black bear hunts to costs and fees and hunting options in Alaska. We know this site won't answer every question you have, though, and so that's what we're here for. Contact us today with any questions that you might have, or to begin booking to make your dream Alaska trophy hunt a reality!  

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